Monday, 30 July 2012

Animal Systems 1

The third unit I'll be taking this semester is called Animal Systems 1. This is the first animal systems unit that we need to complete during the veterinary science course. There are other "Animal Systems" units but we only study those in future years. The main aim of this unit is to introduce us to pastures and soils as well as the farming of pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry and horses. I've heard that this unit is quite practical and that it teaches us to handle animals in a safe way. There will be some theory though and I will publish posts which will guide you through the theory in future. 

Veterinary Physiology 2

Hello :) I'd just like to introduce you to another one of the units which I'll be studying this semester: Veterinary Physiology 2. This is the second physiology unit which we need to complete during the first year of Veterinary Science. The unit mainly focuses on nervous and endocrine controls, reproduction, as well as embryonic development and growth. I'll publish posts about these topics each week as I learn more about them with the aim of guiding you through each topic. It sounds like it could be an interesting unit :)

Veterinary Anatomy 2

Hi there :) I have just started a new semester and would like to introduce you to one of the units which I will be studying for the next few months. This unit is called Veterinary Anatomy 2 as it is the second anatomy unit which we need to complete in our first year of Veterinary Science. This unit mainly focuses on gross anatomy (what you can see with the naked eye) and will cover neuro-anatomy, as well as the anatomy of the urinary, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. I will publish several posts about these topics as I learn them in the hope of guiding you through this unit. It sounds like a very interesting unit and I'm looking forwards to it. Enjoy!