Monday, 26 November 2012

Hyoid Apparatus

Hi :) This post is about the hyoid apparatus and will be quite short. It deals with quite an important structure though, as the hyoid apparatus functions in holding the larynx in place and supports the pharynx and tongue. 

The hyoid apparatus contains a number of interconnected bones and cartilages that suspend the larynx and the base of the tongue. 


The basihyoid is the only transverse bone and connects the left and right sides of the apparatus. In carnivores it is simple but in herbivores, which tend to have large tongues, the basihyoid may have a rostral lingual process. This supports the root of the tongue.

The thyrohyoids connect the basihyoid with the rostral corner of the thyroid cartilage.

The ceratohyoids run rostrally from the basihyoids to the epihyoids, lateral to the base of the oropharynx and tongue.

The epihyoids run vertically between the ceratohyoids and stylohyoids.

The stylohyoids connect the epihyoids with the skull through the tympanohyoid cartilages. 

The following image shows how these bones are arranged in the dog:

Canine Hyoid

 And that's all for the hyoid apparatus :)


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